The Pony Club at Burley-Villa

Burley-Villa is a British Pony Club Centre. This means we offer all The Pony Club activities, badges, rallies, camps and riding tests which are usually available to children who own their own ponies.

We start with an assessment lesson, unless you are a regular rider with us already. This is for 30 minutes and will cost £22.50. We assess your child’s riding ability so we can make sure we find the right group with others of similar ability. You will be able to join your child up to The Pony Club as a Centre  Member. Forms are available from our office. Then if you can let us know your child’s size for their official Pony Club sweatshirt, we will order this on your behalf.

We have a number of different Pony Club groups. Some are for 2 hours and some for 90 mins, each group is half Riding and half Pony Care. In the Pony Care we cover all aspects of looking after a pony such as grooming, tacking up etc as well as helping you with passing the nationally recognised Pony Club Awards  and Tests. Quite often we set simple homework like learning colours of ponies and parts of the saddle, all of which feature in the various tests.


On Saturday’s we have four regular groups. The Exmoors start the day between 9.30am and 11.30am. Next it’s The Shetlands from 11.30am to 1pm. The Shires have their session between 2pm and 4pm and the Thoroughbreds between 3pm and 5pm.

On Sundays we have  The Foresters at 11.30am which is a mixed level session and usually includes a ‘First Time Jumpers’ group. And then on Thursday evenings its the Percherons at 5pm which is split into ‘Learning to Canter’ and ‘Learning to Jump’ groups.

All the details and costs of the Pony Club Groups are in the table at the bottom of this page.

We have loads of other activities through out the year including Badge Rallies, Pony Club Tests and Pony Club Camp. We always email Members with details of special days and they appear on our Facebook page.  There are some examples of activity days we have held in the past below :-


Please email or call us for more details or to arrange an assessment lesson

Pony Club GroupDayTimeDurationCost
ShetlandsSaturday11.30am90 mins£28.00 per week or
4 weeks for £102
ForestersSunday 11.30am90 mins£28.00 per week or
4 weeks for £102
PercheronsThursday5pm90 mins£28.00 per week or
4 weeks for £102
ExmoorsSaturday9.30am2 hours£30.00 per week
or 4 weeks for £110
ShiresSaturday2pm2 hours£30.00 per week
or 4 weeks for £110
ThoroughbredsSaturday4pm2 hours£30.00 per week
or 4 weeks for £110