Children’s Riding Lessons

We teach children from four years of age starting on 30 min Kids Starter Groups,  Beginner Groups, which progress through different levels, and then on to The Pony Club at Burley-Villa part of the British Pony Club.

We also offer several one off Children’s riding experiences like ‘Mini Camps’ and ‘Brush n Rides’. Please click below for more details.



We normally start children from four years old riding on either

  1. 30 min Kids Leader Groups …. a 30 minute fun lesson introducing younger children to the basics of horse riding. We will be starting with riders on the Lead Rein. We have a regular session on a Thursday at 4.30pm but can arrange other times if you email us. Cost is £32.50 each
  2. 45 min ‘Beginner’ group lessons… fun pony lessons to build confidence and a get a few basics of riding and balance on a pony which costs £35 per rider. There are several Levels and lessons usually on Fridays after school and on Saturday afternoons.

Once they have balance and can trot they can move onto  30 min private lessons  where they can improve their position and technique, moving onto rising trot and canter.  The Instructor is able to put them on a lunge rein to help improve position, develop an independent seat and hands. These lessons cost from £40 for 30 mins, £50 for 45 mins or

There is also the option to join our  ‘ Pony Club ‘ . Burley-Villa is an approved Pony Club Centre. This means that we can offer all the activities, badges, rallies, camps and riding tests which are currently only available to children with their own ponies. We have regular Weekday and Weekend Lessons and Pony Care sessions, plus special events such as our Easter Rally with best turnout, team jumping and Easter Egg hunt.  To find out more visit our Pony Club page here

To help reduce the cost of a series of lessons, you can buy a  Ride Card of 6 lessons and have a 10% discount, where you can book lessons as often as suits you.  Ride Card sessions don’t have to be used on a weekly basis or all booked in advance.

Riding Lessons are available Wednesday to Sunday with late lessons after school on Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays.  We have two arenas for instruction, an Indoor Arena 60 metres by 20 metres and an All Weather Outdoor Arena which is 48 metres by 25 metres. You will need your own riding hat to an accepted BHS standard,  and wear at least a T-shirt (shoulders must be covered) , long trousers or jeans with sturdy boots or shoes with a small heel and smooth sole. Don’t wear trainers or flat shoes. You will also need gloves and you may be asked to wear a face mask which may be removed once mounted. We do have some boots which can be borrowed and riding hats which can be hired.