Children’s Riding Lessons

We teach children from seven years of age starting with Beginner Groups, which progress through different levels, and then on to The Pony Club at Burley-Villa part of the British Pony Club.

We also offer several one off Children’s riding experiences like ‘Mini Camps’ and ‘Brush n Rides’. Please click below for more details.



 ‘Children`s Beginner Group Level 1 lessons…   to build confidence and to learn the basics of riding  from Mount Up to Steering and Control at Walk before progressing to Rising Trot. Riders often start on a Lead Rein but will move off of Lead Rein within this goup .The cost is  £40  for this 45 minute session . You can also purchase a Class Pass of six sessions in advance and benefit from a 10% Discount. These lessons are usually on Saturday afternoons.

`Children`s Novice Group Level 2 Lessons…For riders over 7 years that have completed at least six of the Level 1 groups and are now independently Rising Trot within the group. This lesson will work on their control at Rising and Sitting Trot without assistance from a leader. These lessons are generally on Saturday afternoons. The cost is £40 for this 45 minute session and a Class Pass of six lessons can be purchased giving a 10% discount.

 Level 3 Mixed Group Lessons…  For riders over 12 years and adults who can work independently at rising and sitting trot on a horse in balance, complete school movements and will be working towards cantering. These lessons are generally on Saturday afternoons. The cost is £40 for this 45 minute session.

Pony Club …The Pony Club now has a new membership scheme for riders without their own horse. The Pony Club sessions are made up of a Riding Lesson or sometimes a Forest Hack , along with a Pony Care Lesson which covers all areas of Horse Care.  We have 6 different groups depending on ability level  and members are assessed regularly.  Members work through the Riding Efficiency Levels along with gaining lots of different Achievement Badges which they proudly display on their sweatshirts. We also hold Rallies, Gymkhanas, Easter Egg Hunts, Summer Camps and Christmas Activities for the children.   The minimum age is 7 years and riders must be competent trotting on their own to meet the entry level requirements. A private lesson is required to assess new riders. The cost for membership is £41 p.a , payable to the Pony Club annually. The Pony Club sessions cost £42.50 or a Class Pass of six offers a 10% discount.

Private Lessons…For some riders a private lesson might work better for them and their riding progress. These are available midweek only, Wednesday to Friday. A 30 minute lesson in the arena costs from £44. A Class Pass of 6 lessons is available to purchase  giving a 10% discount . We can offer a Semi-Private Lesson for up to 3 riders who know each other from £40pp for 30 minutes. Due to very high demand you will probably need to join a waiting list if you want after school hours.